Official: Fleeing Ukraine Yanukovych surrendered to Russian soldiers (videos)

‘I won’t go into detail and disclose investigatory privilege but the last thing Mr Yanukovych did being in the territory of Ukraine was surrendering to Russian soldiers. Being under their control, he was taken to the territory of the Russian Federation,’ Valery Geletey, Head of Ukraine’s State Security Administration, told TV channel INTER.

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It is to be recalled that five probes were launched into Viktor Yanukovych. The ousted president is charged with mass murders, unconstitutional way of seizing power, actions aimed at hurling the constitutional system, stealing state assets.

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Ukraine put Mr Yanukovych on the international wanted list, but Russia shows no intention to deliver the escapee.

Former Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka whose opulent home stroke people’s minds was off the beaten track in his attempt to leave Ukraine: he and his companion were scuffling with security guards at the VIP terminal of Donetsk airport:

{movie}Ex-Prosecutor general Viktor Pshonka tries to leave Ukraine.|right|15739{/movie}

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