Journalist fined for Goethe’s Faust

Hrodna-based journalist Aliaksandr Dzianisau filmed an interview with theatre director Aleh Zhugzhda who revealed details of his staging play ‘Faust. Dreams’. The footage appeared on Belsat TV.

Mr Dzianisau was accused of illegal collection and distribution of information and Blr 4.5 mln fined (appr. 450$). Mr Dzianisau signed the charge sheet and admitted his talking to Mr Zhugzhda, but denied his being a staff correspondent of Belsat TV.

Hrodna Region Prosecutor’s Office repeatedly issued formal warnings to independent journalist Ales Dzianisau. In December, 2013 he was warned against ‘journalist activity without accreditation’, particularly for his covering the events held in the town of Svislach in commemoration of the 1863-64 anti-Russian uprising. The prosecutors offered in evidence the photos taken during the action in Svislach which depict Mr Dzianisau with a camera, and a Belsat TV news story containing the footage allegedly filmed by him.

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