Lukashenka keeps consulting with Moscow: “EU’s sanctions on Russia are rubbish, West fits for nothing”

Sanctions are nothing but total nonsense and rubbish, the Belarusian President said during his meeting with Anatoly Artamonov, Governor of Russia’s Kaluga region.

“Sanctions and the rest are total nonsense and rubbish. Nothing but idle talk. The West is not capable of accomplishing anything these days. We should bear it in mind,” Aliaksandr Lukashenka said.

He remarked that Belarus knows what sanctions are all about because the country has lived with sanctions for two decades already.

No step is made without consulting Moscow if Russian interests are at stake, Mr Lukashenka also stressed at the meeting.

“It has been said that Lukashenka allegedly tries to exploit the problems Russia is facing. Only an idiot would pass up on any opportunities that open up. But remember this: whatever I may be doing now as I talk to Ukraine, the West, the East and so on, I don’t make a single step without consulting with the Russian Federation leadership if Russian interests are at stake,” he said., via

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