Chernihiv region: Trenches close to Ukraine-Belarus border (video)

Russia is reported to be drawing its troops off the border with Ukraine. But the possibility of conducting an attack from the territory of Belarus should not be ruled out.

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Partial mobilisation is hardly striking the eye in the centre of the Ukrainian cities but at entrances to all inhabited areas the defence situation is notable. Strategic facilities have been got under tightened control in Chernihiv region and in the border area in general. The impressions of trenches along the Belarusian border are as overwhelming as those of armoured vehicles.

‘All important strategic facilities have been taken under our protection, which do not affect the civilians. Our aim is to defer the enemy’s advance or destroy the facilities in case of invasion.’

The civilians are part of the solution: volunteers are collecting necessary things including food which local residents handed over to militants. Simultaneosly, along with army officers, members of a local self-defence forces are patrolling the districts.

VOLUNTEER, self-defence forces:

‘I am here at my own will. Every day after work I come here by my car and pay for fuel myself. Today is my day off, I help the others . Nobody pays me.’

In spite of Lukashenka’ statements on his support of Russia, there have not been any anti-Belarusian sentiments in Chernihiv region.

But the attitude to Moscow is different.


‘I have cried my heart out! I had to flee from Nazis, and now Germans are trying to save us. And Putin … Putin is Russian, we considered him as our brother. Who is he now? Our enemy?’

The mobilisation was announced to last 45 days, but nobody knows when tensions will decrease. Moreover, withdrawal of Russian troops from the border area might be nothing but a partial redeployment of a hundred thousand group. NATO does not confirm Russian troops’ withdrawal from the border with Ukraine, its Secretary General said on Tuesday.

It is premature to speculate about Ukraine’s status in NATO, but joint war games have already been scheduled. Unfortunately, in this situation Belarus is being cast in the role of a potential aggressor.

Arkadz Nestsiarenka

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