No more X-files: Yanukovych’s dossiers, documents available to public

Ukrainian journalists, civil activists and all indifferent people are launching websites containing data and papers on the activities of the ousted president and his minions.

On February 22, volunteer divers found nearly 200 folders of documents in a lake at the residence of the former president: concealing the traces of their crimes, Yanukovych and his associates had apparently made an attempt to destroy any evidence. The Ukrainians have decided to rescue, systematize and investigate the enormous wealth of information about the former owners of the residence. The recovered documents are being published on to make them available to journalists and citizens around the world.

A group of people who created website believe that the regime of President Viktor Yanukovych has been fueled by proceeds of corruption laundered via the international financial system through the network of shell-companies and professional intermediaries. Striving for restoring justice, they give the detailed description of assets, which belong to Viktor Yanukovych and his son Oleksander Yanukovych, who ‘has built his business empire with the help of his father’s abuse of power’ on the website.

They call law-enforcement agencies in the EU and the U.S. to immediately freeze the accounts of Viktor Yanukovych, his son Oleksander and the companies of which they are the beneficiaries. Financial institutions in the EU and the U.S. are called to terminate serving businesses, which are believed to belong to Viktor Yanukovych and his son, and their relatives and associates.

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