Lithuania-Belarus border: wait in line online! (video)

The Lithuanian authorities are trying to shorten wait times at border crossing points: they offer an opportunity of queueing on the Internet. Still, the innovation concerns only commercial vehicles.

Medniki is one of the busiest crossing points in Lithuania. Lines take drivers’ time and pose problems to border guards.

To cut black-long lines to the crossing point in Medniki, an electronic registration system is going live. Any long-distance trucker can order a place in the line: it is them who have to spent most time in queues.

English subs:

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‘This is something new, one should try it. It would be convenient. Queues won’t fade away until they coordinate their acts.’

‘Queues might be shortened, but after Belarusians removed traffic inspectors the situation got worse and queues became longer.’

‘We have already spent 5.5 hours on our way to Belarus and in vain. Although there is no line on the Lithuanian side’.

From March, 1 the Lithuanian border police will start providing services to the first online-registered drivers. The beta version of the system is expected to submit up to 120 trucks per day. For the time being, the service is free of charge. A priority lane is to be opened for the truckers registered in advance, a crossing point on first-come-first-serve basis remaining in operation.

There is every likelihood that car drivers e-registration will be implemented as well. Online queue may not help you cross the border faster but the system will definitely be of use for those planning their trips beforehand.

Nastassia Jaumen/MS

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