Maidan sticks to guns (live streams)

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) and the Anti-terrorist centre are starting a Ukraine-wide anti-terrorist operation, Alexander Yakimenko, SBU Head, states.

A new attempt to take Maidan by storm is to be made at 6 pm, the National Resistance Headquarters report.

17.00 According to the Health Ministry, there are 30 dead and over 300 injured.

After hours-long standoff a borderline dividing protesters and riot police has been established. In Hrushevskoho street policemen are mounting concrete barricades; their opponents’ barricade is located behind the monument to Kyiv founders. A cordon of special forces and internal troops are fortifying their positions in the territory which belonged to protesters yesterday.

25 persons are reported to have died in the clashes; according to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, 10 policemen are killed, including 5 soldiers of internal troops.

President Yanukovych has no intention to take part in the talks with opposition leaders.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Live streaming video by Ustream

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