Happiest movie against barricades: Maidan on cloud nine (positive video)

Were the killed in clashes alive Maidan would be on seventh sky, Ukrainian protesters said in a dance movie filmed by Polish moviemakers.

‘We spent the early 2014 together with the protesters in Kyiv on the Maidan barricades. During those emotional days we were shooting a film inspired by the ‘Happy’ video by Pharrell Williams,they say.

As the film begins, there are people dancing in the streets of Kyiv. Later, on Maidan, dancing stops and protesters appear in front of cameras and tell what happiness means to them.

English subs:

{movie}Happy Kyiv (inspired by Pharrell Williams “Happy”), ENG subs|right|14728{/movie}

‘Where freedom lives, there is happiness,’ some people say.

‘To be happy I need Ukraine to be free, truly democratic and prosperous country. Now who make me happy are the people united to work for a common idea,’ a girl stresses.

‘We are fighting here for the basic, fundamental dignity. For the honour and dignity to be a Man’.


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