136 journalists injured during protests in Ukraine

It is the policemen and Berkut soldiers who have attacked media representatives most of all, the Institute of mass Information reports.

According to the statistical data published by the Institute, 136 journalists were harmed while performing their professional duties since mass protests started.

The best part of them (80 persons) were injured during the last two weeks (January 19 – February 2), the study says.

54 reporters, including a Belsat TV crew, were attacked by police and Berkut soldiers.

27 journalists were hurt when stun grenades exploded; 21 media representatives were beaten by titushki (street hooligans who are paid for hunting for Euromaidan activists and independent journalists).

17 were hit by bullets showered by police in Hrushevskoho street in Kyiv.

10 got injures when stones were thrown and tear gas was fired.

31 have had their equipment (TV cameras, photography equipment, PC tablets) damaged.


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