2014 Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk: accomodation quest (photos, video)

Lodging sports fans who will arrive in Minsk to support their teams at the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship will not explode into any problem: Deputy Prime Minister Anatol Tozik seems to be solving it at the student community’s expense.

30 hotels and 10 hostels having 5652 beds available are expected to open their doors to the guests. 14 hotels are still under construction; but deadlines of six have been blown.

English subs:

{movie}15.01.2014 A day late a dollar short (constructing hotels in Minsk) English subs.|right|14526{/movie}

To meet all the needs, Minsk authorities are going to lodge foreign tourists in a students’ village which is to be converted to a fan zone with 5034 beds; its current dwellers are likely to be evicted. There has been no information on where these nonresident sudents will be staying in the period of the Championship: their academic activity won’t be interrupted.


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