Outrage on justice: Berkut batters Belsat TV crew in Cherkasy (video)

During the performance of their professional duties journalist Yuras Wysocki and cameraman Siarhei Marchyk were severely beaten in Cherkasy (Ukraine). Their documents and equipment were seized.

Yuras Wysocki was taken to Sasnouski police department; diagnosed with brain concussion, Siarhei Marchyk was in hospital in Roza Luxemburg street. There he had been refused medical aid for 4 hours; his head is injured. During the action Siarhei kept filming but the footage was seized.

Yuras might also have brain concussion: dizziness ails him.

The crew was covering protests action and journalists’ work in Kyiv. That’s why there happened to be in Cherkasy.

{movie}Berkut disperses Kyiv Automaidan participants in Cherkasy.|right|14483{/movie}

‘Titushki have just let Kyiv Automaidan now. When guests were getting out of their cars a dozen of local [titushki] went on the rampage at Cherkasy Rada [council] … some minutes later they were ordered to hde. When titushki under the cover of local activist found a shelter, Berkut soldiers popped up and started beating all the people who were in the square. Some are detained and injured. Berkut also destroyed Automaidan participants’ cars,’ activist Mikalai Liakhovich wrote about the provocative act on Facebook.

Our journalists were accredited as employees of Polish television TVP, Belsat TV being its structural unit.


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