Mother of killed Belarusian: ‘He wanted peace on Earth’ (video)

On January, 22 Mikhail Zhyzneuski, 25, was killed in clashes in Hrushevskoho Street. He died of a gunshot wound to the heart.

‘I had no problems while Misha was growing up. I told my friends: “Girls, may God grant you children like mine”. Whenever a neighbour carried heavy bags Misha always offered his help,’ his mother Nina Zhyzneuskaya says.

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The man was a guard on Maidan. ‘I can get his measure. He took somebody’s pain as his own and it made his heart bleed. He wanted peace and quiet to be on Earth.’

In Ukraine her son worked and helped in a church, the woman says. He even wanted to go to a school of theology after serving in the army.

‘Why did Misha happen to be on Maidan? He wanted people to have a real life, not to just make ends meet. He wanted to give the good but in vain … he died,’ Mrs Zhyznevskaya says.

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