Titushki hunt in Kyiv: Over 40 hired found (video)

To mount resistance to protesters, Ukrainian authorities are reported to be taking titushki (street hooligans) from East Ukraine to Kyiv. They are allegedly being lodged in hostels and paid for ‘maintenance of order’.

Automaidan activists are trying to find their places of stay in Kyiv and convince their compatriots that they were cheated: instead of peacekeeping they will have to make a stand against the Ukrainian people.

{movie}Titushki hunt. NTS: foul language|right|14409{/movie}

In their turn, Berkut [riot police] started detaining Automaidan activists acting in a deceitful way: they ask for help in social media, but when people come riot policemen take them away.

According to deputy Lesya Arabets, Berkut kidnapped four Automaidan drivers.

‘I took the fifth driver, who is the only witness, to a first-aid post at Maidan. According to him, Berkut soldiers pulled them out, beat, sprayed gas anf threw grenades into the cars,’ she wrote on Facebook.


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