Kyiv: first victims

At least one person has been shot dead, BBC Ukraine reports. He allegedly died of gunshot wounds. Riot policemen (‘Berkut’) supposedly threw another person off a building and he did not survive, Ukrainian media say.

A video showing Berkut soldiers battering a protester has appeared on the Internet.

‘There is general mobilization on Maidan now. Its guards are putting helmets on; some have headed for Hrushevskogo Street. Maidan is flapping and fussing: protesters have not decided yet whether they should stay here or go to Hrushevskogo Street,’ Belsat TV journalist Usevalad Shlykau reports.

(upd) According to the latest information, one of the victims is Maidam activist Sergiy Nigoyan: bullets entered his head and neck.

Protesters are trying to persuade policement to come over to them.

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