Kyiv: demonstrations turn violent (photo, video)

Dozens were injured in clashes between riot police and protesters in Kyiv on the night of 19th/20th of January. Resurgence of mass protest was a response to passing a sweeping law in an attempt to curb anti-government activity.

200,000 turned up for opposition; many of them wore pots and colanders on their heads while others has ski, medical and carnival masks to mock new legislation banning protesters from covering their faces.

As most were frustrated because of lack of a clear programme from the opposition leaders, a group of radical activists began attacking riot police with sticks, trying to push their way towards the Ukrainian parliament building, which was cordoned off by rows of police and buses. Former boxer and pposition leader Vitali Klitschko tried to stop the protesters from provoking police, but in vain.

Demonstrators rocked police buses outside the parliament and set one of them on fire as police used tear gas against them.

{movie}Police forced an activist to get clothes off and beat him.|right|14329{/movie}

It was not clear who was behind the clashes with police, which appeared to have been a well-organised move. Ukrainian media linked the action to a hitherto little-known right-wing youth group called “Right Sector”.

Clashes continue into early morning on Monday as violence leaves dozens wounded with police responding to protesters hurling stones and Molotov cocktails with tear gas, stun grenades, rubber bullets and water cannons.

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Health officials said 24 people were injured and three were admitted to hospital, while police said more than 70 officers had been hurt. The interior ministry said 10 people had already been arrested for mass rioting.

In an apparent attempt to find a compromise, Mr Klitschko met Viktar Yanukovych in person. According to the politician, the President promised to create a special commission of officials and opposition to solve the crisis. Mr Yanukovych had appeared “very concerned” by the latest events but also pointedly ignored the opposition’s main demand for early elections, Vitaly Klitschko told online television channel Hromadske TV., following the Telegraph

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