Eurovision row: Participants petition President

Singers Max Lorens and Dzidzyulya are asking Aliaksandr Lukashenka to reconsider the results of the national final for Eurovision-2014 which was held on January 11, 2014 in Minsk. According to them, the judging panel neglected the voice of people and made blunders in vote counting.

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Their duo got the majority in the viewers’ poll (8746) while Teo, the recognised winner of the contest, had only 5088. But after most jury members gave the palm to the latter, his number of votes came up with the rivals’.

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Protesting against the outcome of the contest the authors of the petition are demanding that the head of state should specify the regulations of the selection procedure, reconsider the results obtained on Saturday and give them the right to represent Belarus on the European scene.

Max Lorens and Dzidzyulya also announced their intention to give a concert under slogan ‘For Fair Voting’.

It is not the first time when a juicy scandal associated to perspective representatives of Belarus in the prestigious international contest have broken out. For example, in February, 2012 he Belarusian leader stated that the jury vote and viewer poll had been rigged in singer Alyona Lanskaya`s favour. At the special government conference he fiercely critisized Eurofest organizers. That is why the fact of the singers’ considering him as a last resort is not surprising.

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