Belarusian authors in pursuit of Nobel Prize

Who may be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature? Should nominants books in the Belarusian language?

Being asked about perspective nominants from Belarus customera at a book shop in Minsk named Ales Razanau and Ryhor Baradulin. Ihar Lohvinau, the owner of Lohvinau Publishing House, also leans towards the candidature of Mr Razanau and hopes that this year the prize will be awarded to Belarusians.

Literary scholar Tsikhan Charniakevich believes that Belarusian publishing houses and authors writing in their language are not always engaged in the promotional activity which is crucial for becoming a Noble-listed. He also emphasizes that there is a falloff in the Slavic studies in European universities because of cutting research programs. It is the ties with foreign academic world and publishing houses that lack Belarusian writers to be recognised internationally.

In his turn, Ihar Lohvinau stresses that a literary criticism institution along with state concern and support is needed.

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