Belarusian musicians on EuroMaidan (photos, video)

Yesterday Krambambula gave a concert on EuroMaidan: the turnout reached 20,000 there. The Ukrainians seemed to be taking to the iconic Belarusian band.

Its frontman Liavon Volski called on our neighbours to avoid repeating the Belarusian people’s mistake and and wished them to stay strong.

Legendary Partyzanskaya (Guerrillas’ Song was the first to have been performed.

{movie}Krambambula Partyzanskaya in Kyiv.|right|13888{/movie}

The performance was accompanied by chanting ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ and ‘Long live Belarus!’

{movie}Krambambula, Try Charapachi (Three Turtles) |right|13889{/movie}

Juras Wysocki, Ales Barazenka,

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