Human rights defenders award Belsat’s It’s My Right

On the international Human Rights Day the representatives of Belarusian human rights organisations have voiced the names of winners of the traditional contest. The laureates have been appointed in three categories: Human Rights Activity, Advocacy and Journalism.

Hary Pahaniayla (Belarusian Helsinki Committee), has been recognised the best lawyer while Andrey Bandarenka(Platform) has won in category Human Rights Activity. As for Journalism, Belsat’s program It’s My Right has been given the palm.

‘Our team is big enough – 25 persons work on the program,’ Siarhei Kruchkou, one of its authors, says. ‘We have the same problems as you have [human rights defenders – Belsat] knocking on the same closed doors. But it seems that is the fate of both human rights activists and journalists in any country, even in those countries where one hardly faces any human rights violations. But in other countries legislation contributes to providing opportunities for mass media to protect human rights. In our country all the doors are closed, even if political problems are not at issue. That is why we should keep together and help each other’.

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