Oppositionist’s wife in Euromaidan kitchen (photos, video)

Teresa Yatsenyuk whose husband Arsen Yatsenyuk is one of the leaders of opposition in Ukraine is helping in Euromaidan’s kitchen singing the national anthem every hour. But for her and all the people here Maidan would not have held out till now.

In the kitchen the work is humming: some 50 persons are slicing cucumbers, cheese, sausage and making tea. The volunteers (their amount reaches 1,600) work in shifts.

There are a lot of pots of jam and home-canned vegetables: all these ‘stores’ have been provided by ordinary people. Some keep bringing prepared food.

{movie}Singing the national anthem.|right|13802{/movie}

‘The hellish kitchen’, as the protesters call it, sometimes resembles a hive. Some people work keeping silence, other sing folk songs. But every hour they have a break to sing Ukraine’s anthem, which is ineffably touching.

{movie}Teresa Yatsenyuk in Euromaidan kitchen.|right|13803{/movie}

‘We are making sandwiches and slicing lemons,’ Teresa Yatsenyuk says. According to her, the people working in the kitchen make different meals for the protesters.


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