Light report: Belsat TV anniversary

Of course, being at the age of six we are as green as grass but the channel’s sixth birthday accompanied with good music and lots of smiles has been celebrated adultly.

Well-known musical band RSP which performs ‘progressive psycho rock’ turned on the overcrowded dance floor nearly with the sounds of their first song. No one was hurt in the course of wild dances; the portrait of Russian pop-singer Dima Bilan appeared to be the only victim.

The performance of Minsk band Addis Abeba crowned the party. The Belarusian rastafarians, as they call themselves, are sure to have inflamed all the guests: no one was left indifferent. Moreover, Belarusian reggae positive vibrations must have reached the ears of Russian diplomats in the embassy across the road.

Watch a full version of the Warsaw concert of RSP and Addis Abeba on soon!

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