Vilnius Maidan: ‘Yanukovych, don’t steal our future!’

Having gathered near the Palace of Grand Princes of Lithuania in Vilnius activists were chanting: ‘Yanykovych, sign! Yanukovych, sign!’ But the Ukrainian President’s car did not even slow down near the protesters’ site.

Yesterday the head of Ukraine was an hour late for the EaP summit official dinner; ata that time about 60 activists who arrived in Lithuania were waiting for him and holdind posters saying ‘Don’t betray our people, sing the agreement!’, ‘Ukraine is Europe’, ‘Yanykovych, don’t steal our future!’, etc.

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The Ukrainians were to have handed over a giant pen made of hundreds of small pens to Mr Yanukovych but the presidential cortege headed for the Palace ignoring the protesters.

When Viktor Yanukovych was on the red carpet journalists asked him: ‘What mood are you in?’ The President showed a thumb-up and answered: ‘Ok’. But Mr Yanukovych stayed mum being asked whether he was not afraid to go to the banquet.

{movie}Yanukovych’s arrival, video by Ukrainska Pravda|right|13528{/movie}

In his turn, Traian Băsescu, President of Romania, cordially welcomed the protesters stepping out of his car and waving at them. During an official meeting the Romanian leader voiced his opinion that Ukraine’s suspensing European integration processes was ‘a backward step’, reports.

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