Grybauskaité: Ukraine is not ready to sign association agreement

Dalia Grybauskaité’s declaration has opened the second day of the EaP summit in Vilnius.

Greeting the participants at exhibition centre LITEXPO the Lithuanian President stressed that the Ukrainian leader stance had not changed. Thus, our southern neighbour has lost its chance to sign the association agreement with the bloc at the third EaP summit in Vilnius.

Shortly before German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the EU’s doors are always open for Ukraine. Today Francois Hollande, President of France, has upheld his German counterpart’s position emphasizing, however, that the Union should not pay for co-operation.

At the same time, the Lithuanian leader has welcome that Georgia and Moldova initialled their Association and Free Trade Agreements with the European Union.

Meanwhile, Uladzimir Makey, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is representing Belarus at the summit, put in appearance at the Palace of Grand Princes of Lithuania yesterday. When our reporter asked about his expectations of the event Mr Makey answered in the Belarusian language: “[I am waiting for some] positivity”.

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