Astravets nuclear power plant: final decision

An infrastructure development stage came to its end: by his edict No 499 Aliaksandr Lukashenka has given his formal consent to beginning the construction of a nuclear power plant.

Everything is ready for AtomStroyExport, a subsidiary company of Russia’s Nuclear Energy State Corporation (Rosatom), to start building the first Belarusian nuclear power plant.

The same edict has exempted the Nuclear Power Plant Construction Directorate from compensating for any losses to agricultural and forestry companies whose land or forest resources may be temporarily or permanently used for carrying out the nuclear power plant project.


The construction of two nuclear reactors for the plant located in Astravets is provided in the agreement reached by Belarus and Russia, the reactors being supplied by Atomstroyexport. The project faced opposition at home and abroad on both safety and political grounds. The Belarusian power plant is supposed to be built in Astravets district, in Hrodna region, 250 kilometers from Polish border and 50 kilometers from Vilnius. The Lithuanian government has protested the project because of its proximity to the capital city.


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