Lukashenka taking back his words?

The Belarusian leader announced his intention to demonstrate a high level of organization of the world championship before the entire international community.

“The world championship is not an ordinary sporting event, this is the moment of our exhibiting the country. The way the country looks like will definitely shape the world’s opinion about it. People will come to Belarus not only for the sake of seeing their favourite team play. But <…> they might wonder what Belarus is, the country that someone tried to deprive of the world championship. It is very important and we should prove that we are really a civilized Central European country,” the head of state said.

All the people involved should also provide comfortable stay for guests and be able to meet the demands of the most exacting clients, Lukashenka stressed.

The 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship will be held in the period of May 9 – 25 in two venues, Minsk Arena and Chyzhouka Arena.

It is interesting that some years ago Mr Lukashenka said he was not going to take Belarus to ‘the civilized countries’ track’.

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