Run for Statkevich, free Belarus in Katowice

On October 13, 2013 a run for Statkevich and free Belarus took place in Tadeusz Kościuszko park in the Polish town of Katowice. The event was organised by Silezia Project and Polish MEP Marek Migalski’s Office.

The autumn run was held to raise local residents’ awareness about the political prisoners’ situation in Belarusian jails and the development of civil society in Belarus.

The organisers gave top priority to draw people’s attention to Belarusian politician Mikalai Statkevich, a presidential candidate at the 2010 elections, who is serving his term in a closed prison in Mahiliou. His wife, Maryna Adamovich, was among the participants: she was glad to ell them about her husband and his fight for freedom.

Some fifty persons took part in the action. Two winners were awarded with a trip to Brussels which would be paid by Migalski’s Office.

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