Customs officers just waiting for nod

After the decision on taxing Belarusians going abroad is taken Customs bodies will implement it, Siarhei Barysiuk, Deputy Head of the State Customs Committee, says.

“Customs officers perform control functions representing the interests of their countries. If a Belarusian directive body makes a corresponding decision customs services will fulfil it within their competence,” he said.

According to him, citizens of Belarus have crossed the state border 12 mln times this year but there are no statistical data on the number of Belarusians who have gone to the EU countries.

At the beginning of September, 2013 Aliaksandr Lukashenka voiced his intention to impose a duty for Belarusians who go shopping to foreign countries.

The emphatic statement (“We took $3 bn out to them [EU], they are developing trade and production while we are fooling about!”) might have been considered as a political hiccup but Lukashenka added that he did order to develop this idea long time ago.

“It will be the following way: we provide you services at border, you pay us $100 for each person and go,” he explained.

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