Mother of dead recruit: ‘Keep our sons out of the army!’

Lyudmila Yagadkina is waiting for forensic tests which might shed light on the cause of death of her son Uladzislau. The young man died while serving ia military base in Pechy, Barysau district.

Mother’s desperation

If a would-be conscripts have poor health parents should prevent taking their sons to the army at whatever the cost, Ms Yagadkina believes.

“My son might not have graduated but they came and took him. Why didn’t they let him finish his studies? Why do they call up part-time students to the military service? Why do they draft ill men into the army? Why was my son sent directly to tank troops, he did enjoy bad health … Let mothers do their best to have their children invalided out of the army. One should achieve it. Someone pays a bribe, but I raised four children and have no money… But I was told I should have passed money under the table [to recruiting officers],” she told Belsat TV journalists.

What caused the death?

According to the mother, Uladzislau’ face was terrifically made up when they got his body. Moreover, Ms Yagadkina can’t shake the feeling that her son died by violence.

On the evening of August 31, 2013 she phoned Uladzislau twice, but in vain: both the calls were rejected. Ms Yagadkina is sure that it was not her son who hung up. A bit later she was told that as that very evening her son felt sick he was taken to a medical unit and given first aid.

On the very next day, at 6 am, Uladzislau was taken to a doctor again; at 7 am he was pronounced dead. According to unofficial information, the death was caused by hypertensive crisis and pulmonary edema.

It is noteworthy that Pechi military base command try to avoid any contact with the Yagadkins.


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