Belarusian state TV: President catches giant fish

At a meeting on hunting anf fishing regulations Aliaksandr Lukashenka stated that he had caught a catfish weighing 57 kilograms. “It was as tall as me,” Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy said with either skeptically or admiringly. Footage of his mentioning the take was aired by the ONT television channel.

It is notheworthy that Lukashenka’s unexpected declaration was voiced soon after Russian President Vladimir Putin had been pictured having caught a pike weighing 21 kilograms while on holiday in Siberia. By the way, bloggers came to the conclusion that no pike of such size could weigh more than 12 kg.

It has not been reported about the presidential fishing on river Pripyat, no photos and videos being published. If the head of state did catch a 57-kilogram catfish, it might well be compared to human growth.


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