Flashback: Lukashenka wins power (exclusive video)

Nowadays reporters can only cherish a dream of entering President Lukashenka’s house. 19 years ago, during the presidential election campaign, the situation was different. The journalists even stood a chance of filming Lukashenka’s wife Halina.

On July 10, 1994 the Belarusians elected their first and for the present latest President. Few people can boast of passing the way from a state-owned farm head to ‘Europe’s last dictator’

In 1994 Aliaksandr Lukashenka ran away with the second round with 80.6 % of votes. He might well have liked these figures – as we know, his results in all the following elections ranged between 80 % and 85 %.

Some of the citizens who were born in the times of multi-vector stability and permanent integration have already served in the army and started a family. 19 years is ages for such a young country a Belarus: now it is pretty difficult to remember the developments of 1994.

Having delved through archives we would like to introduce a small video showing the presidential road to success.



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