President: No total surveillance and same-sex marriages on stability island

The United States is setting up a system of total surveillance and control that few have ever seen before, Aliaksandr Lukashenka said referring to NSA whistleblower Snowden’s disclosure.

‘If it goes further, in a decade a normal human being will have no privacy at all, wherever they are,’ the Belarusian leader expressed his confidence during a meeting on occasion of forthcoming Independence Day. ‘Every move, action and habit will be recorded by all-knowing electronics. This seemed unreal not long ago, but now we see that this can become a reality very soon’.

‘I was frequently criticized for sometimes calling the United States a modern dictatorship,’ Lukashenka said. ‘I never wanted to offend or insult that great nation. But are attempts to establish total surveillance on a global scale not a true sign of a dictatorial and totalitarian style?’

‘We never make any attempts to control the private lives of our citizens,’ he stated. ‘Moreover, personal privacy has been and will remain a fundamental principle of our policy.’

China lends a helping hand

At the same time, he voiced his intention to increase cooperation with China in the field of protecting the national cyber space.

‘But we do not have another way out – the planet has already entered the age of non-declared cyber wars, and we do not have a right to lose there,’ Lukashenka said. We will fail to resist to global technologies single-handed, he added.

Same-sex marriage is a root of evil

The Belarusian President condemned same-sex marriages as a ‘tragic sign of a general spiritual crisis and the Western world’s blindness’.

According to Lukashenka, Belarus should keep its traditions, values and cultural identity. ‘All of us must understand that independence is, among other things, the right to defend one’s own moral values, the right to live honestly in accordance with laws of nature and human morals,’ he said.

Belsat, following BelaPAN

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