Half-jokingly: Angela Merkel dancing for 15 euro

Everyone who comes to Parlamentarium, the European Parliament’s Visitors’ Centre in Brussels, stands the chance of making Angela Merkel jig to their tune…

A wooden figure of the German Chancellor can be purchased there; after fastening its legs and arms just pull the strings to bring the puppet chancellor to move. ‘Jumping Angela’ was invented by a German company which produces souvenirs and office goods. Puppets of Queen Elizabeth and nude Prince Harry are also in great demand.

Parlamentarium was opened in October, 2011; soon the Centre will welcome its millionth visitor. One of the Centre’s unique features is that it caters for all 23 EU official languages. This is made possible using small, handheld, media guides that can be configured according to language preference.

Children and adults alike get to discover in a refreshingly new way more about the institution that represents them. Dynamic, interactive multimedia displays guide the visitors through the journey of European integration and the impact this has on everyday lives. Official information is seasoned with pictures and interesting facts, some of them concerning sexual revolution, first-ever mobile phone and computer and even fashion.



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