Belsat TV to back Belarus’ archive in exile

The KARTA Center Foundation, a Polish NGO, expressed its readiness to found the International Belarusian Archive in Warszaw which is to preserve publications, memoirs, commentaries, photos, films and reports concerning the history of Belarus in the XXth century.

As the Belarusian authorities are not interested in preserving historical documents and accounts and even distort history the Archive will be established in Warsaw. ‘The International Belarusian Archive is expected to provide assistance to foreign and Belarusian NGOs and individuals that are engaged in collecting primary sources and exposing falsified historical facts,’ Maciej Wyrwa, a representative of the KARTA, said.

All the archival materials are supposed to be stored at a specially alloted place, some of them will be digitalized and become available for free. Taking into account their owners’ will, a number of artefacts might not be subject to digitalization and public exposure. According to the organisers’ plan, the collection will be delivered to Minsk after it becomes ‘the capital of an independent state’.

‘The initiative is essential. The materials of the International Belarusian Archive might be of use for Belarusian history researchers or, for example, Belarusian documentary films directors,’ Belsat TV editor Siarhei Peliasa stressed.

Belsat TV is going to actively support the project and help the KARTA collect materials. The independent channel is sure to provide information about the initiative to its audience.

‘The project gives a unique chance of preserving historical records obtained from the first hand, from direct participants of the events of national importance,’ Siarhei Peliasa said.

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