Belsat TV Director becomes Manager of Year 2012

Polish business magazine Home & Market has selected managers of the year, Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy becoming one of the winners. The award is given to people who contributed not only to their own companies’ growth but to the development of the economy as well.

Courage counts

Katarzyna Mazur, Chief Editor of the magazine, stresses that Belsat TV Director was awarded for her courage, i.e. the keystone idea and developing the successful channel which is recognised in Poland and abroad from the ground up. “We prize persons who are not ruled by stereotypes, then leave beaten tracks and set high goals,” she said.

The winner believes that the award extends recognition to her initiative: “I happened to be among the winners – managers of large companies, and I think this award to be the recognition to non-profit initiatives as well”.

Being a leader

According to Mrs Romaszewska-Guzy, her secret of good managing is in the strong conviction that working in a company is always a team work: “There could not be prominent managers without prominent teams. A good manager should be first and foremost a leader developing a vision and taking responsibility for managing their company or initiative”.

Home & Market is the oldest Polish business magazine for top managers.

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