Hrodna University: History Faculty in disfavour

After the dismissal of Professor Viachaslau Shved from Hrodna University there has been s a strong rumour that History Faculty might be associated with Tourism Faculty.

Edmund Yarmusik, Dean of History Faculty, told e-newspaper Salidarnasts (Solidarity) that the question is really being discussed. “If you possess some information there is no smoke without fire. Indeed, such decision does exist, and it is up for debate. It is not a big deal but a natural reorganisation of training process. In any country and at any times we must sow the seeds of knowledge. The students is above all for us. History as an educational discipline will remain in any case, all the rest being a formality,” he said.

The unification is highly likely to trigger reductions in personnel. By this way the university will stand a chance to legally get rid of politically unreliable representatives of academical staff. Since September, 2012 three lecturers of History Faculty have been fired out.

Andrey Charniakevich, one of the authors of textbook Hrodna Studies, was the first to have got the sack: notorious Siamion Shapira, Head of Hrodna Executive Committee, stated that he had personally given that discharge order.

Soon after Ihar Kuzminich, assistant professor at Hrodna University, addressed an open letter to Mr Shapira and declared his resignation in protest to pressure exerted on his colleagues. In April, 2013 the University Council did not appoint Viachaslau Shved to a professorial position.


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