Belsat TV Information Programming Director becomes member of BNR Council

Now Aliaksei Dzikavitski is one of the youngest members of the Council (Rada) of the Belarusian National Republic.

The Belarusian National Republic (BNR) came into existence at the end of the First World War, when Bolshevik forces left Minsk and the city was occupied by German troops. On March 25, 1918 the Provisional Government (Rada) proclaimed the independence of the BNR. After the Red Army re-entered Minsk, the Communist government replaced the Rada; its members had to emigrate. Since 1919 the Rada has been in exile. It has become one of the most influential political organizations of the Belarusian diaspora exercising functions of a state legislative body.

“The Rada does not have either troops or ministerial buildings at its hand but it does not mean that any unknown or even more, fictional body ia concerned. The Rada is the oldest existing Government in exile, and such practice is not new to Europe. But, for example, the Polish government in exile devolved its power on the authorities which were democratically elected in Poland in the Nineties, at the moment there is nobody to be delegated in Belarus. The whole point of activity of both democratic community and the Rada is that the day of devolving power will come,” Mr Dzikavitski said.

It is too soon to go into detail about his new duties, Mr Dzikavitski said. But he is committed to continue doing his best as Director of Information Programming. “Hundreds of thousands watch us everyday; great responsibility rests with us because I am sure that real changes in the country will be possible after our fellow nationals realize what is going on [in the country] and consciously take the way to change,” he stressed.

It is to be recalled that on May 15, 2013 Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy, Belsat TV Director and Vice-President of the Association of Polish Journalists, was elected into the Steering Committee of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ). At the same time, Mikhas Yanchuk, Belsat’s representative in Minsk, was elected into its Commission of Finance.

“Belsat is really becoming more recognising brand not only in Belarus but also in European countries, among influential politicians. Speaking about the membership in the Rada, my contribution to the channel’s development might have been one of the arguments in my favour,” Mr Dzikavitski supposed.


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