Tornment in police station: who is to blame?

A detainee was tied so tighly that she could not move hand or foot. Alesya was lying on the floor in Maladzechna police station while its officers were sliding by or even stepping over her.

Alesya Sadouskaya’s mobile phone was stolen in one of the clubs of Maladzechna (Minsk region). The woman was about to file a complaint against the club administration but its staff called police. The policemen refused to receive it. When Ms Sadouskaya announced her intention to inform the Prosecutor’s Office of the denial the policemen responded very quickly.

“They seized me by arms and dragged round the corner. One was bending me down and the other was hitting on the legs. After they failed to kick me down they started beating and pushing,” Alesya Sadouskaya told about her detention.

A video filmed by surveillance cameras in Maladzechna police station has appeared on the Internet: the policemen dragging the woman are easily identified. One may see how Alesya fell down and her head struck against the table; a duty policeman helping his colleagues and adjusting the furniture.

Then Alesya Sadouskaya was thrown into a ‘little ease’, i.e. a small cell. “I did not know what to expect. I asked them to explain … But they pulled me out of the cell, laid on the floor and bound hand and foot. I had hideous pains; then the body fell asleep,” the woman said.

Alesya Sadouskaya was called to administrative responsibility for alleged hooliganism and obscenities. It is interesting that the Investigative Committee has not detected any violations in the policemen’s actions. Moreover, according to protocols drawn up by officers of Maladzechna police station their colleagues did not take any measures of physical coercion against the woman.


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