State-owned TV company promotes Belsat?

The Belarusian National Television and Radio Company thanked Belsat TV for the satellite dish presented and expressed its readiness to accept more equipment.
On January 30, 2012 we made the gift to its Head Henadz Davydzka so that he could form his opinion about Belsat and would not use words lightly at any time thereafter. Unfortunately, BT representatives doubted the purity of our intent and accused us of making money out of the present: we are suspected of having refunded VAT for the dish purchased in Poland…
In his turn, Aliaksei Dzikavitski, Editorial Director of Information Programming, addresses to the BNTRC staff:
“That is the corporate solidarity, the solidarity of Belarusian TV workers! I could never imagine my expressing gratitude to the “largest Belarusian media holding” for friendly publicity!
Being well aware of the real independence of state owned media we hope other state-run media outlets immediately display the BNTRC’s press release. If you do not mind we could regularly provide you with our TV program for its further distribution.
Yes, we have some cameras broken by OMON agents’ boots on December 19, 2010 [crackdown on mass protests after the presidential election] and we are willing to hand them over to you. I regret to say that now it is impossible to refund VAT for them.
Best regards,
Aliaksei Dzikavitski, Editorial Director of Information Programming, Belsat TV”.
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