Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy to Mikalai Autukhovich: “Be strong!”

As part of of action “Belsat’s journalists write letters to political prisoners” our Director has sent a postcard to Mikalai Autukhovich. “I wish you all the best and hope I see you soon. Once again, be strong and have my cordial greetings and wishes of the best of health – you’ll definitely need it,” she wrote.
Mikalai Autukhovich is a veteran of Afghan war. Before going to jail he ran his own prosperous business in Vaukavysk. But combating corruption in Hrodna region he happened to be in the local authorities’ path…
In May, 2010 the Supreme Court of Belarus sentenced the former businessman to five years and two months of imprisonment in a medium security penal colony under the Criminal Code’s Article 295, which penalizes the illegal handling of arms, ammunition and explosives, because of five hunting (!) rifle cartridges found in his safe. Human rights defenders note that the sentence might well have been awarded in retaliation for Mikalai Autukhovich’s fighting against public corruption in the region.
Belsat TV journalists and news readers launched a campaign of sending postcards to the prisoners of conscience. We coined the text in Belarusian which may be downloaded, printed and glued to a postcard. So, all you should do is to undersign it! You will find the names and addresses in section Political Prisoners.
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