Join us: Cordial words to political prisoners

Twelve political prisoners and wrongfully convicted opposition activists had to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve behind bars. The charges filed against them might have varied; but their main guilt is the absence of loyalty to Lukashenka’s regime.
A letter is the easiest and probably the only way to contact the prisoners who are not allowed to phone their relatives and use the Internet. A lot of former politicals stress that the letters and postcards received from the outside world were moral support which they desperated for. Those messages proved that they remained unforgotten and their fight did not go to waste.
Belsat TV journalists and news readers have launched a campaign of sending postcards to the prisoners of conscience. Join us!
We have coined the text in Belarusian which may be downloaded, printed and glued to a postcard. So, all you should do is to undersign it! You will find the names and addresses on our web page in section Political Prisoners.
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