Girl battered by riot police lodges complaint with UN

I am bound to enforce all acts and activities permitted by law to fight in the cause of justice, Maya Abromchyk said.

The UN Human Rights Council entered the complaint of Belarusian student Maya Abromchyk who was severely beaten when Minsk riot police were putting down the peaceful demonstration in Independence Square (Ploshcha) after the presidential elections on December 19, 2012. The official number of the complaint – 2228/2012. In accordance with international agreements, the Belarusian authorities should come up with a response on Maya Abromchyk’s case within six months.

Although the policemen’names are known Belarusian legal system refused to charge them over the students disabling: after a compound leg fracture Maya had to undergo three operations, her rehabilitation lasting a year.

In April, 2011 Maskouski district Prosecutor’s Office in Minsk informed Maya Abromchyk that according to her complaint they initiated a criminal case under Art 155 of Belarusian Criminal Code (infliction of serious bodily injury or harm by recklessness) against a stranger.

However, the policemen were not named in the case. It is noteworthy that the medical examination conducted upon request of the Prosecutor’s Office showed that Maya’s injuries could have been caused by an object resembling a baton. Nevertheless, the prosecutor did not pay attention to it.

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