Lack of funds: Belsat TV shortens airtime

Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy, Director of Belsat TV, has announced certain alterations to be made to the channel’s concept.
The alterations have been resulted from the lack of funds: it is the first time that the channel’s budget has not covered the planned purposes. “That is why we have to cancel the channel’s program planned before. This year we have launched studio Belsat that is acting as host today. But due to extra charges we have come short of money. As the situation is complicated we have to considerably diminish broadcasting,” the Director said.
Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy is sure that the measures taken will help the channel out till the end of the year. News programs in one form or another are expected to be left; but unfortunately, some regular Belsat programs will be called off in September. “We hope we will return to our usual broadcasting program in January. I repeat, for the moment our budget has been overspent. The best part of it is grants from the government of Poland, the governments of Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, smaller ones being provided by governments of other countries. It is a pity this year we have not managed to find the amount [of money] required,” she said.
The Belsat Director puts the money problem down to the crisis in Europe: as everyone is cutting down expenses it is hard to gain financial backing. But Mrs Romaszewska-Guzy expresses optimism: “We repeatedly faced similar problems when it seemed we would not come through. But I believe we will be out of a jam again. There are plans of raising European funds for the next year. There is every likelihood that the European Union that has not financed the channel yet will join [our sponsors] at last”.
“Firstly, news programs are left. News is the core of our channel. Secondly, [broadcasting of] the sponsored programs will be continued, e.g. the ones financed by the Norwegian government. The most part of programs produced at our own cost will be suspended,” the Director summarized.
Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy has strong hopes that funds for Belsat will have been raised and the current situation that brings the necessity of calling off our programs will never happen again.
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