Belarusian KGB gets absorbed in playing spies

The family and friends of the accused of treason doubt his being a foreign intelligence agent.
Andrey Haydukou, Deputy Head of unaccredited Union of Young Intellectuals, was arrested by Belarusian secret services on November 8, 2012. The young man worked at Navapolotsk plant Naftan and studied at Polatsk University.
According to his mother Volha Haydukova, after graduating from Navapolotsk Petrochemical Lyceum Andrey was placed to Naftan. He also entered Polatsk University; at the moment he is a part-time fifth-year student. Andrey Haydukou is fond of computers, reading books, fishing.
Mrs Haydukova said that her son was busy preparing documents necessary for official registration of the Union of Young Intellectuals. “In my opinion, the underlying cause is his social activism. As for the plant, Andrey knows as much as any other employee does,” his mother stressed.
Anton Paulau, the alleged spy’s colleague, pointed out that there can be nothing secrecy about the plant. “All its equipment is manufactured abroad,” he said.
“Haydukou is a political activist; such people are the first to be attacked by the KGB,” Yauhen Kanstantsinau, leader of the Union of Young Intellectuals, believes. According to him, the Committee’s new command is eager to make a good showing by fabricating “fantastic” cases. “This spy mania of them resembles the thirties in the USSR,” he believes.
Kanstantinau noted that Navapolatsk civil society has an intention to found a fund supporting victims of political repressions, including the “spy” case.
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