Bialiatski receiving letters from abroad and collecting folklore

Human rights defender Nasta Loyka has received a letter from Ales Bialiatski, Head of human rights centre “Viasna” who has been in jail since August 2011.

“According to him, there’s nothing doing but at the moment there is no problem of receiving his correspondence which he has faced lately. He has got a lot of letters of congratulations on his jubilee, even ones from abroad, in foreign languages, are allowed,” she told Belsat TV.

It is to be recalled that on September 25 Ales Bialiatski celebrated his 50th birthday.

“He also informs us of consequences of the recent amnesty: a number of prisoners in his brigade has been almost halved, there being less than 100 persons now,” Nasta Loyka said.

“It is evident that Ales’ mood is good enough and he keeps holding on in spite of living in hard conditions established by the colony administration, i.e. complete isolating from other prisoners. He works eight hours a day but manages to perform other tasks, he reads, studies on his own, writes essays and answers letters,” the human rights defender continues.

Besides, imprisoned Bialiatski … has started collecting folklore. “There are people made of flesh and blood here, and words of great originality are easy to be heard. For example, once a man who was eager to show that the topic of conversation was serious said: “It’s not tsatske [knickknack]!” What a sharp remark!” Ms Loyka quotes the political prisoner.


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