New lord but old law

Valery Vakulchyk, former head of the Belarusian Investigation Committee, has been appointed Chairman to the Committee of State Security (KGB). He has replaced general-lieutenant Vadzim Zaytsau on this position. As for the investigation Committee, it is to be headed by Valiantsin Shayeu.
Zaytsau’s removal might have been triggered by a series of scandals in the KGB, in particular, the information about the top KGB official’s suicide and the explosion near the Vitsebsk KGB office. Moreover, experts have noted a succesion of power structures heads’ replacements. For example, after the 2010 presidential election Aliaksandr Lukashenka dismissed the Interior Minister and the Prosecutor General.
Pavel Latushka, a former Minister of Culture, has been appointed Ambassador of Belarus to France, the presidential press service reports.
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