EU to give Nobel Prize money to children

The European Commission has today formally accepted the Nobel Peace prize money on behalf of the European Union and indicated that it intends to allocate the prize money to children affected by war and conflicts across the world.
President Barroso said, “The Nobel Peace Prize stands for reconciliation throughout the world. The Prize money should benefit the first hope for the future, but also the first victims of present and past conflicts: children”.
Following agreement between President Barroso and Presidents Van Rompuy and Schulz, the Commission intends to allocate the Nobel Peace Prize money for “EU Nobel Prize Children’s Projects”. These should be for the benefit of children in war and conflict zones. Since children are the future of any society and at the same time among the most vulnerable, the peace dividend the European Union is receiving should be “invested” in those children who are the victims of violent conflict.
On 12 October 2012 the Nobel Prize Committee decided to award the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union for over six decades’ contribution to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe. The Prize Award Ceremony shall take place in Oslo on 10 December 2012. The Nobel Peace Prize consists of an amount of SEK 8 million, a medal and a diploma.
It is to be recalled that Ales Bialiatski, the head of human rights centre «Viasna» shut down by the Belarusian authorities and the vice-president of FIDH (International Federation of Human Rights Defenders), was also nominated to the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.
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