Blast in Vitsebsk: sixty questioned, zero suspects

At the moment there are no suspects of setting off the blast in Vitsebsk, Pavel Traulka, spokesman for the Investigation Committee, said. A supposed criminal arrested by the KGB before has been released after being screened.
It is to be recalled that an improvised explosive device blew up near the KGB building in Vitsebsk at 18:48 on November 11, 2012. As a consequence of this, two windows were damaged. A criminal case was initiated under Part 3 of Article 339 of the Belarusian Criminal Code (malicious hooliganism).
A number of examinations are to be carried out to identify an explosive used in manufacturing the IED, Mr Traulka said.
As the preliminary data said, the IED was a tube made of cardboard or plastics, with 50-70 gr of pyrotechnical mixture in a metal container inside. The device was set off by ignition.
As it was reported before, three persons were detained on the basis of testimonial evidence. According to the information provided one of them had phoned the KGB department and untowardly criticised the authorities. The man was showing signs of behaviour deviation, the KGB officer said.
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