“Young intellectual” charged with treason: unguarded joke about CIA?

Andrey Haydukou was arrested on November 8 in Vitsebsk, the press service of the Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) said . At the moment the activist is being kept in the Minsk KGB detention facility.

Andrey Haydukou was not a member of the BCD, its coordinator Tatiana Seviarynets told Belsat TV. In her opinion, Haydukou’s detention may be related to some Eastern Partnership project which was being developed by him and Illya Bahdanau, an activist of the party.

Dealing with the CIA?

According to the unconfirmed information, at first the KGB accused Haydukou of “intention to sign a treaty with U.S secret services”, the maximum punishment for it being two years of imprisonment. But later the case was redrafted; chekists must have decided that the “treaty” had been already signed. Now Andrey Haydukou is accused of treason against Fatherland under Art. 356 of the Belarusian Criminal Code and may be sentenced to up to 15 years of imprisonment.

Talking about their project, Haydukou and Bahdanau were joking that the CIA are financing it, Tatsiana Seviarynets recollects.

Unknown organization

Andrey Haydukou is Deputy Head of youth organization “The Union of Young Intellectuals”. Hardly any details of its activity have leaked yet.

The community was founded three years ago and even took part in the Revolition through social networks in 2011, its head Yauhen Kanstantsinau told Nasha Niva. At that, he stressed that the Union is mainly a social and cultural organization.

“If anything should happen…”

Illya Bahdanau was detained together with Haydukou. After a short stay in the KGB predetention centre he was released. As he signed a non-disclosure agreement, he may not go into details. Nevertheless, he mentioned that he was shown the evidence against Haydukou while being questioned.

“It might not be written evidence the situation is serious. Later KGB officers came and said that Haydukou had given me up. It could have been psychological pressure but I remembered our talk when Haydukou said:”If anything should happen I would bring you along,” Bahdanau said.



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