Attack on Lithuanian Embassy: culprits wanted

Belarusian law enforcement officers are investigating the egregious case. Linas Linkevicius, Ambassador of Lithuania to Belarus, states that not a single warning call was received and the incident appeared to come out of the blue.

Yesterday the Lithuanian Embassy to Belarus was attacked when two Molotov cocktails were thrown over the fence to the diplomatic mission’s territory. The bottles of incendiary mixture caught fire, Lithuanian police officers guarding the building of the embassy managed to extinguish it.

As Linkevicius told, he does not put the attack down to celebrating of the 95th anniversary of the October Revolution.

(upd) The Lithuanian Embassy to Belarus lodged a protest note over the incident to the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the official site of the Lithuanian MFA reports.

“The Ambassador of Belarus to Lithuania will be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Lithuanian diplomats are going to file a request for providing of application of Vienna Declaration regulations touching diplomatic missions’ safety. The Belarusian bodies responsible should immediately take appropriate steps to find the persons who launched the attack and bring them to responsibility,” the MFA press service stresses.


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