Dissenting medical worker avenged on web

Doctor Ihar Pastnou repeatedly raised sore problems of Vitsebsk medical care in mass media.
The Vitsebsk physician recorded a video message, human rights centre “Viasna” reports. In such a manner he lets people know that unindentified individuals are badmouthing his friends and acquaintances on his behalf on the Internet. The doctor had to go to police; if provokers are not found he will lodge an appeal to the Prosecutor’s Office.
It is not the first time that Ihar Pastnou has given a true and fair view of Belarusian health service to independent media including Belsat TV. After being interviewed he had a lot of troubles: plain cloth police threatened him and his authority.
Addressing to state-owned media and public officers Mr Pastnou brought up public health service issues as well. But in answer to his activity he was dismissed several times. The medical specialist who holds a degree in psychiatry was even served with a summons to a mental hospital.
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